PRO START During the pre-growth phase (18/24 hours light) of approximately two weeks, we use only the PRO START (0.5 ml / L of water) when cultivating with fertilized soil*. With non-fertilised soil or hydroponics you mix directly with GROW A & B (see schedule).

Professional advice!
Due to the efficacy of the product, important to solely feed directly on the soil/ Cocos (don’t foliate on the leafs).

Clear visible result in 4 days: multitude of white and healthy roots.

Phase 2 – GROWTH

GROW A & B After sufficient pre-growth we put the lights on 12 hours and continue with the
A & B GROW (see schedule) until flowering becomes visible (within 1 or 2 weeks after putting the lights on 12 hours). Just mix the A and B component in the water (first put water than add A and then the B component).

Professional advice!
It is recommended to add for another 2 weeks PRO START together with the A & B GROW as roots still are developing.

Phase 3 – FLOWERING (stage 1).

BLOOM A & B The flowering phase is clearly seen by the 2 white “hairs” that show there where side branches connect to the stem. Now it’s time to introduce BLOOM A & B (2.5 ml / L of water) according to the schedule for about 6 weeks. Just mix the A and B component in the water (first put water than add A and then the B component).

QUICK BOOST For the first 3 weeks we add QUICK BOOST (0.5 ml / L of water) to the BLOOM A & B components. Its innovative formula includes a cocktail of amino acids that guarantees optimal nutrient absorption and perfect development for a strong, healthy superior plant with a great and abundant pre-flowering.
By using Poly Phosphates instead of Orto Phosphates, QUICK BOOST guarantees the maximum availability of phosphorus for the plant. And in addition to its nutritional value, the Poly Phosphates also contributes in maintaining the irrigation system (hydroponic) clean and in perfect conditions as it does not leave any residue.

Professional advice!
First mix QUICKBOOST in the water and then add the A and then the B component to reach the required EC level.

Clear visible results: a greener, stronger and superior plant with well-developed branches and a maximum amount of buds.

Phase 4 – FLOWERING (stage 2).

FLORA EXPLODER During the last 3 weeks we replace QUICK BOOST with FLORA EXPLODER (0.5 ml / 1L water). FLORA EXPLODER´s complex formulation is not only composed by high quantities of phosphorus and potassium (in perfect proportion and optimal bioavailability), but contain all necessary trace elements ensuring the best formation of large and more compact flowers. In the same time it also contributes to the prevention of diseases that can affect the final stage of flowering.

Clear visible results: large, compact and high quality flowers.

Professional advice!
Fill the deposit with hand warm water and add the nutrients for direct irrigation. Mix thoroughly. Check that PH levels are between 5.5 and 6. If the deposit is left premixed for a longer period of time, it is advisable to install a small water pump to prevent nutrients sinking to the deposit floor, to ensure that the mixture is homogeneous.
It is advisable for the last 5 days to irrigate only with water and enzymes (as a natural FLUSH).

*Optimal with Sublime soil or coco All-mix PRO-XL

Rpm. Ideally suitable for indoor or outdoor plants (including auto-flowers) suitable for any soil or hydroponics.


BLOOM XXL For when the XL is not XL enough anymore, PRO-XL presents BLOOM XXL. This extremely potent bloom stimulator contributes to an extra beautiful flower formation with a dramatic increase of active essential oils. From the first week of in the flowering stage to be used together with the BLOOM A & B, QUICK BOOST and later FLORA EXPLODER until the penultimate week. EC levels of the water can go up from 0,1 to 0,2 in reference to the in the schedule mentioned without BLOOM XXL.

Professional advice!
BLOOM XXL is an absolute recommendation for when the plant is in good conditions. When the leaves have the perfect shape with the right colour of green, that’s when you know it is ready for some more.
Excellent for everyone who is in search for the extreme flower: fuller, harder and higher in essential oils.

Clear visible results within 4 days, and at the final flowering stage.

PRO ENZYMEN Enzymes are not only essential for an optimal nutrient absorption (and helps to prevent root suffocation or rot); it also plays a very important role in the photosynthetic process. This unique process allows the plant to produce carbohydrates that contribute to general plant strength and health.
PRO ENZYMEN can be applied from the first week of flowering. Mix it once a week in the deposit together with the other nutrients (0,5 ml./L. see schedule) and for the last 5 days of the cultivation with just water (1 ml/ litre water) every watering.

Professional advice!
It is recommendable to give the last 5 days of the cultivation just water with PRO ENZYMEN on a daily basis as a natural FLUSH.

STOP GROW is a unique product that not only shortens the duration of the cultivation for about 1 week, but it also allows us to determinate the actual height of the plant! A plant that normally will reach 2 meters, with STOP GROW you can stop at 1 meter. After application de plant immediately stops stretching and starts flowering. This means that the plant will use all of its available energy for flowering instead of continue growing. This automatically results in bigger, more compact and tightly growing flowers. In general the smaller plant will give a better flower formation compared to the extended plant with scattered flowers.

Professional advice!
STOP GROW is to be sprayed over the plant. Apply STOP GROW when the plant has reached the desired height, preferably just before the flowering stage. Important that this application takes place with the lights out! STOP GROW needs a minimum of 12 hours to be fully absorbed and it is good practice to have just 50% of the lights turned on for the next day.

Clear visible result in 1-2 days as it stops growing and starts flowering.

FOLIAR FEED A remarkable product for when the plant roots are not yet well developed or suffer root problems. Our unique, superior foliar nutrient absorbs directly into the plants through the leaves and is used alongside the base nutrients. Apply 2 times per week for a period of 2 weeks. Spray direct on the plants alongside the base nutrients

Especially useful:
– When the plant is still in the pre-growth phase (from +/- 4 cm).
– To make strong cuttings, as it promotes an accelerated growth spurt.
– After treating the plant with pesticides to endure this without “stress”.
– To boost the recovery of the mother plant after cutting cuttings.
– When the plant is in an emergency situations suffering from root problems.

Professional advice!
Can be foliated with lights “on” in the Pre-Growth phase (18-24 hours), but application with lights 12 hour (more intense) has to be done with the lights “off” for at least 12 hours, to be fully absorbed.

Clear visible results. Stronger, healthier plants are visible within days of application.