EC Regulator


“Up-grade” your water  ·  Increase EC level of soft or filtered water  ·  Boost results




Pro-xl EC Regulator

The PRO-XL EC-Regulator optimizes the EC balance of your water. EC REGULATOR is unique in its sort, and composed of premium quality minerals, in order to “Up-grade” filtered or soft water and become the optimal water source to your plant available.  High quality calcium, magnesium and red iron (red because it has optimal bio availability) together with a combination of essential trace elements (like sulphate..etc.)  for perfect balanced water as a basis for the rest of your nutrients.

Ideal for cultivating with osmosis filtered water, or when you live in an area with extremely soft tap water (less than 0.4 E.C.).

Clean water is obviously essential for good results.

Tip. When cultivating with osmosis filtered water keep a close eye on the PH level which tends to be low.

Available in:

 1      5            


  • Stabilizes the EC level of the water.
  • Optimizes the PH level.
  • Improves nutrient uptake.


Measure the water with a calibrated EC meter and add +/- 1 ml of EC REGULATOR per 1 liter water, to find an EC level of 0,4. Now you can add the rest of the nutrients according to the schedule. *Note: Check the PH value!


EC value: Electrolytic Conductivity value of water. The more salts (nutrients) the higher the value. With tap water this does not necessarily refer to clean nutrients, but may as well be water contamination (ex. Chlorine).