Mini Pack


Completo y concentrado · Fácil de usar · También ideal para cultivar con CO2




Mini Pack

The PRO-XL MINI PACK comprises of all the products from the PRO-XL basic line, for an entire cultivation of approximately 1m2. The Mini Pack is ideal to achieve optimal results and is suitable for a variety of plant species.

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1. Rooting Phase. During the growth phase of approximately two weeks (where lights are on 18 to 24hours), we use only the PROS TART (0.5 ml/L of water) with fertilized soil*. Due to the efficiency of the product, it is important to solely feed directly on the soil/cocos (Do not attempt to feed through leaf absorption) With non-fertilised soil or hydroponics you mix directly with GROW A&B** (see schedule).

2. Growth phase (12 hours of light). After sufficient pre-growth we continue with the A and B GROW** (Possibly extended a further 2 weeks when used with PRO START) until flowering becomes visible. This is clearly seen by the white “hairs” that show there where side branches connect to the stem.

3. Flowering phase (1). As we move on to the flowering phase it’s time to introduce A&B BLOOM** (2.5 ml/L of water). For the first 3 weeks we add QUICK BOOST (0.5 ml / L of water) for a stronger, superior plant.

4. Flowering stage (2). During the last 3 weeks replace QUICK BOOST with FLORA EXPLODER (0.5 to 1 ml/L of water). This encourages larger, more compact and improved resilient flowers