Solve root problems  ·  Better nutrient absorption  ·  Better production of carbohydrates



Pro-xl Enzymen

It is generally known that enzymes are essential for the plant in order to have optimal nutrient absorption and protection against root suffocation or rot. But it is less known that it also plays a major role in the photosynthetic process. This unique plant owned process, allows it to produce carbohydrates which are elementary for general plant strength and health.

Enzymes also improve oxygenation in the substrate for the plant to grow optimally and develop in the best way. Enzymes are responsible for the growing medium’s environment. Dead roots are converted into nutrients, which greatly reduces the chance of infection and rot. A clean pot/nutrient tank and healthy environment is paramount to achieve an excellent final result. It is also recommendable for hydroponic systems in order to achieve improved nutrient up-take.

In short, something so import to plant health cannot be left out and you better be sure to get the highest quality enzymes available.
How do you know that… well, just smell it!

PRO ENZYMEN can be applied from the first week of flowering. Mix it once a week in the deposit together with the other nutrients (0,5 ml./L. see schedule) and for the last 5 days of the cultivation with just water (1 ml/ litre water) every watering as a flush out.

Available in:

 010      050     1      5


  • Store sealed in a dark , frost-free area. Shake before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Shake before use.

Application: Add 0,25 ml per 1 liter with every watering session 1 x per week 0,50 ml per 1 liter . With rinsing, 1 ml per 1 liter.

Content: Various high-grade enzyme complexes.


Store in a cool, dark and frost-free area.