Stop Grow


Stops growing  ·  Stimulates flowering  ·  Advances harvesting




Control height

STOP GROW is a unique product that not only shortens the duration of the cultivation for about 1 week, but it also allows us to determinate the actual height of the plant! A plant that normally will reach 2 meters, with STOP GROW you can stop at 1 meter. After application de plant immediately stops stretching and starts flowering. This means that the plant will use all of its available energy for flowering instead to continue growing. This automatically results in bigger, more compact and tightly growing flowers. In general the smaller plant will give a better and more flower formation compared to the extended plant with scattered flowers.


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STOP GROW is to be sprayed over the plant. Apply STOP GROW when the plant has reached the desired height, preferably just before the flowering stage.

IMPORTANT that this application takes place with the lights out! STOP GROW needs a minimum of 12 hours to be fully absorbed and it is good practice to have just 50% of the lights turned on for the next day.

30 ml por cada 5 litros de agua.

Usar 2 veces por semana:

  1. Concentrado (30nl): Mezclar bien con agua y esprayar  las hojas.
  2. Ya mezclado (1litro): Agitar bien y esprayar las hojas.