Objectives & Vision PRO-XL

Our goal is to bring the best ingredients and technologies, available in the professional horticulture industry, in reach of everyone.

PRO-XL is especially developed so that everyone is able to use professional products to cultivate various plant species in a domestic environment.

product line with high quality nutrients that is efficient, practical and designed to meet all expectations of the modern grower. The contemporary design combined with a clear communication makes it a real assed in everyone’s garden.

As we have our “roots” in the professional horticulture, PRO-XL benefits from many years of experience in perfecting cultivating techniques and improvement of ingredients.  The professional horticulture continuously reinvents itself in their search for better and greater production.

Created by experts who know that by using the right nutrients with the best bio absorption available at the best possible time is key for optimal results. Numerous soil analyses, taken at any developing stage of the plant to understand real nutritional needs, are the basis for creating the most complete formulations available: the PRO-XL “Total Concept”.

When growing crop even the smallest detail can make a big difference in the final result and as anything else, a good end result begins with a good basis.

Good conditions, great soil, clean water and optimal nutrients.