Creating the optimal fertilizer lies within the smallest of details…

  • Annalise the soil to understand the need of the plant.This is the only way to see the real nutrient need/ Up-take of the plant in any moment of its development.
  • Understand the metabolic process that take place in the plant to be able and stimulate the natural processes in the plant. For instance, the plant cannot up-take certain elements (like glucose) but it does produce it.
  • The right nutrient in the right moment in the right amount. An element that the plant needs in grow can be harmful in the flower phase.
  • Not just the macro elements but also the micro and trace elements. Without these the plant is not even able to up-take the macro elements the way it should. Only then can it be suitable for hydroponics or non-fertilized soils.
  • The right amounts. Too much does not mean create better results; it can even lower the quality of the production.
    Too much iron for example, blocs the uptake of other elements like calcium and magnesium that are responsible for a strong cell structure.
  • Not only the type of ingredients but also the quality is of immense importance. The bio availability and the density when dissolved in water.
  • Polyphosphates instead of normal orthophosphate. Just the polyphosphates provide optimal availability of phosphor (Even with a high PH).
  • Red iron instead of yellow. Only the red iron has optimal bioavailability and does not leave residues behind in the plant.
  • The low viscosity/ density when dissolved in water allow the plant to be able and up-take nutrients even at higher temperatures. In summer or when cultivating with CO2.
  • Ideal for use with hydroponic system because of the complete ingredient formulas and the high quality of the ingredients. This leaves the system clean and offers complete nutrition throughout the entire process.

…details that PRO-XL does take in account.