Cocos All Mix


Si se quiere lograr un resultado óptimo en el crecimiento es importante que utilice un buen sustrato.
Sin los zapatos adecuados no se puede caminar bien.




Cocos All Mix

Cocos all-mix with RHP certificate by PRO-XL was compiled especially to optimize cultivation. If you want to achieve the best cultivation results, it is important to use a good substrate. Without proper shoes, you can’t run like a pro; this applies to plants too.

Cocos All-mix by PRO-XL is the best substrate in the industry, it’s a must use if you want to achieve unsurpassed growing results! Consisting of the Highest Grade Coco available, pre mixed with perlite, lime and slow-release fertilizers. These fertilizers are released during cultivation, so the plant is always able to absorb the correct nutrients. This, in combination with the PRO-XL nutrients, will guarantee you the greatest cultivation results achievable.

Cocos all-mix by PRO-XL has the ideal air content. Coconut chips have a homogenous structure that is neither too fine, nor too course. The structure is extremely stable and the water absorbed by coconut chips is easily available to plants by a large extent. Coconut chips, especially in comparison with peat, are rehydrated extremely quickly from a dry state.

Cocos all-mix by PRO-XL also carries an RHP quality mark and falls under the A category. The quality mark guarantees the quality of the product and that it is free from impurities, in the customer’s chain from harvesting to processing. The quality mark guarantees security, safety, and product quality. We only use the highest grade coco available.

Available in: 50L Bags

Contain Osmocote temperature related, controlled release nutrient pearls.

Recommendations for use

  1. Plants grow better and faster, because they get all the nutrients they require whenever they require it.
  2. Osmocote® contributes to an environmentally friendly way of fertilizing; the leaching of nutrients is minimized by the coating.
  3. Less pressure of diseases and infestations thanks to an even supply of nutrients and healthy plant growth.

pH 5,8 – 6,8
E.C < 1mS/cm
Amount of oxygen 18 -25%

  • Contains fertilizers 12-14-24+2.
  • Quality Coconuts A.
  • Can be rinsed for reuse.
  • Good moisture holding.
  • Contains perlite.
  • Best result.