Oganic Fertilized Substrate


If you want to achieve an optimal result in growth it is important that you use a good substrate.
Without the right shoes you can not walk well.



Organic Fertilized Substrate

Is a professional-quality substrate, ready for use. Improves dramatically the results of various crop species. It is composed of a premium quality fine coconut fibre that offers the perfect ratio between moisture retention and oxygenation. In addition, it also has a pH buffer.

The peat is free of harmful acids, diseases or seeds of bad weeds and has a high microbiological activity. Due to the organic and natural origin of the material, it can contain small pieces of wood, twigs or root. The natural boosters are of vegetable origin with a high content of humus extract and rich in nutrients. These extracts have been specially selected for their property of slow nutrient release. This promotes useful substrate microorganisms such as useful fungi and mycorrhizas which optimally stimulate the development of the plants root system.

Recommendations for use

  1. Plants grow better and faster, because they get all the nutrients they require whenever they require it.
  2. Less pressure of diseases and infestations thanks to an even supply of nutrients and healthy plant growth.

pH 5,8 – 6,8
E.C < 0.4 – 0.9 mS/cm

  • A quality · Peat / Coconut
  • ORGANIC nutrients
  • PH Buffer
  • Rinse out for reuse
  • Good water-retaining and oxygen-regulating composition
  • Optimum results