GROW A&B and BLOOM A&B: Pure liquids should never be mixed together. Mix component A well with the water in the tank and then add component B.

QUICK BOOST & FLORA EXPLODER: They should never be used at the same time or on the same day.

STOP GROW: Apply with the lights off and leave to impregnate for twelve hours. Harvest a week before. Slows growth and advances flowering. Apply 1 or 2 times (leaving a margin of two days) depending on the reaction of the plant.
STOP GROW PLUS: Same product, but it is NO longer necessary to turn off the light.

PRO ORTHO SILICON: Prevents plant stress.

ORGANIC PRO SILICON SPRAY: In the event that the plant is already stressed, spray directly on the leaves.

PH: The plant absorbs nitrogen better with a higher PH, so the PH in the growth phase must be between 6 and 6.5 points.

During the last 5 days of the crop, irrigate only with water, Pro Enzymen and Sweet Flush.

PRO LED (only cultivation with LED lamps): Contains the necessary elements to complete the cultivation.
Water with less amount of water, but more times.Control the humidity of the room well, since it can increase. (Dehumidifier) ​​Use extra oxygenated substrates (eg PRO-XL Coco All MIX or Sublime mix.) and try to avoid root rot.

CO2 Why did we add one more week of growth and implement nitrogen?
Plants need nitrogen to have a good growth development, when working with CO2, it is necessary to give it a little support in this aspect.
It is important to gradually increase your ppm, no more than 25 or 50 ppm daily. It is also important to lower the temperature at night in the flowering phase (from the 4th week) to 18º to achieve a more compact flower.